Conference Venue

The conference will be hosted in the building of the Department of Economics, Business, Mathematics and Statistics “Bruno de Finetti” of the University of Trieste located in the University Campus. A brand new room with 280 seats is available. 

How to get there

Trieste lies in the north-east part of Italy and has its own airport (, that is 40 minutes by car/train from the city center.

Besides connection with main Italian cities (such as Rome or Naples) there are also direct flights from/to: London, Frankfurt, Valencia. Alternatively, one may fly to the international airport in Venice (connection with all main cities) and then reach Trieste by train (approximately 2 hours).

By car, Trieste is far 4 hours from Milan, 3 hours from Bologna, 1.30 hour from Venice and 6 hours from Munich, approximately.


List of suggested accomodations

3 stars

Nice B&B:

Special hotels’ deals/prices

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